Pricing and Reimbursement Consultancy

In order to understand positioning and pricing of a treatment, our clients are in need of a clear picture of the likely therapeutic and reimbursement landscape into which they will ultimately launch. This insight is critical for future strategic planning and thus needs to be founded on thorough and robust research.

As an important starting point, we offer an assessment of the pricing and reimbursement landscape through critical analysis of existing HTA and reimbursement decisions.


The models successfully contributed to positive reimbursement decisions by health authorities in many countries, (e.g. Scotland, Sweden, and The Netherlands).

Internationally recognised as a leader in this field and has published more than more than 100 health policy papers covering Europe and America including the full spectrum of diseases.

Healthcare innovation is able to generate real financial gains to economy and society that outlasts patent life. 

To offer expert services and provide our clients with the best possible assistance we work with a partner A2M to achieve this.

  • Multi-country health economic models for its clients all over the world
  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Budget impact models for formal reimbursement dossiers.
  • Successful in pursuing the development of financial modelling and broadening their application in the field of economic valuation of innovative health care with a focus on biotechnology and orphan drugs.
  • Market Acces Scan
  • Interaction with key stakeholders (payers and health authorities) in many markets (e.g., FDA, CVZ, NICE, TLV), forging relationships that are invaluable in being able to provide actionable, insightful guidance.
  • Capabilities to manage and perform complex multinational projects globally, including Europe, US, and Japan.
  • Health economic model development