Fundraising for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)

On 6 March 2018 PSR hosted a Volleybal event for the so-called “Butterfly Children”. These are children that are affected by the rare genetic skin blistering condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). The evening started with a generous donation of €1500 from Ergomed to...

Rare Disease Day 2018

        We Care About Rare! For Rare Disease Day 2018 we organize a fundraiser for kids with Epidermolysis Bullosa and their families! for more info on the fundraiser click here  


Ergomed and PSR Orphan Experts have joined forces, creating an industry-leading rare disease CRO offering. Ergomed’s global reach and PSR’s specialized focus on orphan drug development will enable the improvement of lives of patients and families impacted by rare...

Wishing You A Successful And A Happy 2018!

The PSR-team wishes you and the whole Rare Disease Community a prosperous 2018! Together, we’ll keep our focus on Patient Centricity in order to help those who battle disease every day.

Disorder: the Rare Disease Film Festival. October 3rd, Boston USA.

A new film festival showing films from around the world which addresses the challenges of life with a rare disease. This interesting event will take place October 3rd, 2017 in Boston, USA. With 7,000 rare diseases no doctor can be expected to be familiar with all of...

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